Take Control of Your Erosion Control BMP Total Costs

In today’s economy everyone is looking for a way to save a dollar. After all, a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Sometimes the answer about how to save those dollars may not be as obvious as you think.

When considering options for erosion control BMPs, many people will look to save by the “give me the cheapest” approach. Sure, a roll of silt fence or straw wattle looks like a good idea up front. After all the material cost is cheap, all the people on the installation crew are familiar with how to install it and it’s a “no-brainer”.

You would be right with all of those assumptions. Including the “no-brainer” part, which implies that there is no thinking involved in the decision process.

Is it really the best BMP for your needs? Is it the best overall cost for you? Have you considered the cost of installation, maintenance, repair, replacement, removal and disposal costs over the life of your project?

4 reasons to consider Filtrexx compost SiltSoxx for your next project:

  • Ease of installation – no trenching or digging required. Save on labor costs.
  • Durability – on long-term projects, SiltSoxx lasts 2-3 years from installation. Save on maintenance costs.
  • Repairable and reusable – on short-term small projects, SiltSoxx can be picked up and moved to the next site. Save on multiple purchase costs.
  • Disposal – once SiltSoxx has come to the end of its usable life, cut and dispose of the mesh and spread the compost. Very little waste; save on disposal costs.

When you would like to know more, a Filtrexx representative can help you with a free, simple TOTAL COST comparison for your BMP needs to ensure that you are making the most educated choice for your business.

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