Filtrexx & EcoPractices: A Match Made in Sustainability Heaven

EcoPractices’ partnership with Filtrexx brings a unique perspective to the construction industry. Together, we challenge companies to look at their environmental stewardship missions. We look at sustainability as a risk. What are your risks related to compliance, permitting, local community, and ecosystems when you make every day decisions? When selecting a product for erosion control and stormwater management all of these factors should be considered.

Filtrexx is the leader in Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs) which is why EcoPractices is a proud partner to provide third-party verification of practices and environmental impact values quantification metrics to accompany Filtrexx products for their clients. EcoPractices provides quarterly update reports and annual Sustainability Analysis Reports that can be tailored to each client’s operation and needs.

Millions of miles of erosion control and stormwater management products are sent to a landfill every year. Filtrexx has developed the science behind the compost filter sock and perfected a Filtrexx SiltSoxx™ product that provides the highest function on the market while not only reducing our organic matter waste but reusing it and reducing the product waste at the end of its life. According to the US EPA, organic waste is the largest portion of solid waste entering our landfills with 61.7% of waste in 2012 being organic matter. Filtrexx and their clients are viewing waste products as a resource to reduce their local landfill footprint and reduced their carbon footprint while improving soil and water quality.

Many companies are missing the opportunity to reach their environmental goals with construction practices. Project Managers: Are Sustainable Management Practices being used on your construction projects?

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As sustainable practices and environmental analytics manager for Sustainable Environmental Consultants (SEC), Jennifer Jensen assists in research and science behind providing practices that have documented and referenced beneficial impacts on the environment. She oversees SEC’s sustainability risk management platform called EcoPractices for consistent traceability, ensuring customer practices are indeed implemented and done so according to standards set by industry and or government organizations. Jenny maintains the necessary documentation to keep all parties up to SEC’s sustainability risk management method. Jennifer attended Iowa State University and graduated in May, 2016 with three Bachelor of Science degrees in environmental science, agronomy, and biology, respectively.

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