About Filtrexx: Green in Every Way™

You know our products by our signature green color. But Filtrexx green is more than just a color. It represents a sustainable product, trusted by customers and regulators, that saves you money. We're green in every way™. Watch to learn more.

Filtrexx Green in Every Way Sustainable

Green means being sustainable.

When it comes to erosion and sediment control, we believe the best approach is to “let nature do it®.”  We strive for the highest standards of sustainability when it comes to our product designs and sourcing. Filtrexx products use an engineered blend of composted organic materials designed to filter and clean stormwater. Diverting these organic materials away from landfills and instead applying them to the soil means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a lower carbon footprint for your project or site. We’re serious about innovation – we’re constantly finding new ways to incorporate natural, biodegradable materials (like cotton and wood fiber) into our products.

Filtrexx Green in Every Way Sustainable compost

Filtrexx Green in Every Way Trusted

Green means being a trusted partner.

Filtrexx is the original compost filter sock company, and we’ve been a trusted partner in protecting our environment for over 20 years.  Our products are third-party tested and certified for superior performance, and are trusted by regulators, government agencies, and our many customers. Simply look for our trademark green® in the field and gain peace of mind from knowing it’s a product you can trust to comply with local and federal specs.


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Filtrexx Green in Every Way Trusted Slope Interruption

Filtrexx Green in Every Way Savings

Green means saving you money.

When choosing a BMP, do you consider the total lifetime cost? Compared to the competition, Filtrexx products save you the most green. They’re designed for optimal performance, which means lower labor costs for installation, maintenance, and removal. Compare Filtrexx products to other BMPs like silt fence and straw wattle and the savings for your next project will quickly add up.


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Filtrexx Green in Every Way Savings Installation


Filtrexx is the leader in Sustainable BMPs for use in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, pollutant removal, and low impact development to protect our soil, water and environment.

Filtrexx has an extensive network of partners, distributors, and installation services to serve customers across the globe. Contact us to get a quote, find a distributor, or inquire about joining our distribution network.


To be the world's leading provider of innovative and sustainable products and services for use in erosion and sediment control, stormwater management and low impact development to protect our soil, water and environment;

To continually engage, develop and inspire our employees to reach their fullest potential;

To provide the highest level of customer service through reliability, quality and value.


  • Commercial Construction & Demolition
  • Homebuilding
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipelines
  • Power & Utility
  • Solar & Wind
  • Municipalities
  • DOT Highway & Road
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture

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