Filtrexx StormExx Catch Basin Filter

StormExx stops pollutants from leaving your site.

Filtrexx is the industry leader in developing sustainable solutions for above and below ground stormwater solutions for passive treatment train, using natural materials to target pollutant loads in stormwater runoff.

StormExx CLEAN catch basin filters are designed to fit most existing storm water drain systems to capture sediment and pollutants. StormExx uses filtering media in a replaceable cartridge for under the grate stormwater treatment.

StormExx removes pollutants such as bacteria, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and nutrients from stormwater runoff, particularly in urban watersheds, sensitive receiving waters, and TMDL (§303d) listed water bodies. StormExx helps industrial stormwater permit holders/MS4s comply with their permit by bioremediating hydrocarbons, heavy metals, bacteria, and nutrients.

For added pollutant removal, use StormExx with our original EnviroSoxx® Pollutant Filter Sock product line for above the grate protection.

For additional information about StormExx CLEAN product specifications, performance, installation and service, contact our team, we'll be glad to collaborate on your next pollutant removal application.

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Bacteria Removal


Remove up to 93%

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Heavy Metals Removal


Remove up to 99%

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Nutrients Removal


Remove up to 94%

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx Hydrocarbons Removal


Remove up to 99%

StormExx CLEAN

Filtrexx® StormExx® CLEAN is a catch basin filter insert designed to fit most existing storm water drain systems. It is an exceptional solution for those areas where placing a Soxx around inlets is problematic, inconvenient or even dangerous. Besides water runoff, streets and parking lots carry a lot of debris and contaminants that could pollute storm drain systems and eventually natural sources of water such as rivers and streams where the stormwater runoff is discharged. Using a stormwater solution with a replaceable cartridge, facilitates installation, maintenance and replacement.

StormExx CLEAN utilizes similar Filtrexx Media and additives as our EnviroSoxx product line but it is used under the grate as a replaceable cartridge for contaminant removal. Its innovative design helps collect large amounts of sediment and debris inside the drain without being visible from the street surface. Optional sample port available. Overflow bypass: 500+ gpm (flow rates based on controlled in-house testing; rates may vary and are dependent on site specific environmental conditions. Consult maintenance guide for performance criteria).

Filtrexx StormExx CLEAN Catch Basin Filter

StormExx CLEAN Trash Capture

The StormExx CLEAN Trash Capture model features a mesh screen designed to capture trash greater than 5mm, and has been approved as a Stormwater Full Trash Capture Device by the California EPA State Water Resources Control Board.

Filtrexx   StormExx Trash Capture Catch Basin Filter


  • Urban runoff
  • Roadways
  • Parking lots
  • Oil & fuel spills
  • Military bases
  • Airports
  • Industrial sites
  • Factories
  • Maintenance
  • Sumps
  • Fire water runoff
  • Equipment wash-down


  • Treats stormwater at the street/inlet level
  • Captures trash, sediment and soluble, invisible pollutants
  • Fits most existing storm drain systems - round or rectangular
  • Variable filter system suitable for high or low water flow rates
  • Easy maintenance and replacement of treatment cartridges
  • Patented multistage filtration system
  • Optional sample port is available
  • Option for double units for qualifying inlets
  • Overflow bypass of 500+ GPM


StormExx is available in two filter blends to target common pollutants.
Advanced Blend: One filter targets the four common pollutant groups.
Industrial Blend: Targets only heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and nutrients.

Removal rates vary by pollutant and are based on laboratory research, actual removal rates may vary and are highly dependent on site specific environmental conditions including flow rate, flow volume, pollutant concentration, pollutant load, proper installation, maintenance, and design. See research reference: Faucette, B. 2019. Filtrexx TechLink #3338. StormExx® Clean Filter Media Performance Evaluation.

StormExx Industrial Blend Filter

Pollutant Group Pollutant Removal Rate
Heavy Metals Cadmium 99%
Heavy Metals Lead 60%
Heavy Metals Copper 75%
Heavy Metals Nickel 58%
Heavy Metals Zinc 58%
Heavy Metals Chromium 24%
Heavy Metals Arsenic 18%
Heavy Metals Selenium 25%
Hydrocarbons Oil/Grease 99%
Nutrients Ammonium Nitrogren (NH4-N) 41%
Nutrients TKN 22%
General TSS 90%
General Turbidity 76%

StormExx Advanced Blend Filter

Pollutant GroupPollutantRemoval Rate
Heavy MetalsCadmium99%
Nitrogen (NH4-N)
BacteriaE. coli93%
BacteriaTotal coliforms79%
BacteriaFecal coliforms71%


StormExx CLEAN Basin Protection [PDF] click here

StormExx CLEAN Basin Protection [DWG] click here


StormExx CLEAN Specification [PDF] click here

StormExx CLEAN Maintenance Guide [PDF] click here

NOTE: Availability may be limited based on location. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement. Regulatory compliance may depend on individual federal/state regulations.

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