That's a Wrap! Reflecting on StormCon 2018

Admittedly, I have attended several tradeshows in my years working in marketing for various companies. They usually are a lot of the same: dozens of booths filled with happy, chatty sales representatives, several interesting breakout sessions, networking events, and parties.

StormCon was my first foray into tradeshow life in the erosion control and stormwater management industries. We had Dr. Craig Kolodge and Colin Ewart from the West Coast there to man the booth, talk with customers and potential customers, and serve as stormwater gurus. This afforded me the opportunity to sit in and listen to several of the breakout sessions and try to absorb (ha ha) information. One session I sat in on was our very own Dr. Britt Faucette’s discussion: Ecosystem Service Benefits of Compost-Based Sustainable Management Practices (SMPs). You may have heard Dr. Faucette speak during one of his many webinars on pollutant removal and low-impact development because research and technical services are his forte.

Dr. Faucette’s presentation dove deep into how environmental SMPs use natural processes to achieve high performance results in biofiltration of stormwater, water conservation, and waste and carbon footprint reduction. He also discussed how these types of practices can be easily designed into stormwater management plans as well as how to calculate the outputs to prove that the SMPs you are using are working. What I discovered is that stormwater management really is a reoccurring challenge for most. What Filtrexx stormwater management products do is preserve as much of the natural site hydrology while also reintroduce natural components into the landscape. Our GroSoxx specifically help to prevent the occurrence of stormwater, distribute stormwater and its treatment across the landscape and filter stormwater pollutants prior to site discharge. One of the largest takeaways that I discovered is the importance of having a process and a plan in place for stormwater. Eliminating the unknown, the risks, the compliance issues and the potential fines by having SMPs in place is imperative.

Overall, I had a great time in Denver and I can’t wait to attend next year’s StormCon in Atlanta, GA!

As the Marketing Manager for Filtrexx, Teele works heavily in the digital and social arenas of marketing, running the Filtrexx Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. She also serves as writer and editor of press releases, project profiles and most recently, the Filtrexx blog. Teele attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and a Master of Science in corporate communication. Teele has worked in marketing roles for various companies around the Twin Cities before landing at Filtrexx in July, 2017.

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