Living Shorelines: Is it a New Buzzword or Not?

Filtrexx may be showing its age, but we’ve been working in the Living Shoreline business for over 20 years. Over the years, we’ve seen this concept referred to as many terms: bank stabilization, stream restoration, shoreline erosion control, and various combinations of these terms. Conceptually the mission of protecting a shoreline is not different but our product designs have become more efficient, effective and sustainable, and public acceptance has grown dramatically with the product changes. Filtrexx never planned to get into the shoreline business, but some innovative engineers throughout the years have looked at Filtrexx as the most viable solution available and changed the status quo. Here are six reasons as to why you should consider Filtrexx Living Shorelines for your next project:

  • We are the only company that offers a true growing face based on our beneficial use of recycled organics.
  • We have experienced sales consultants across the United States that can provide design help you can’t find from another company.
  • Our product is made in the United States and we promote the use of native plant species that are matched with your environment and specific location.
  • We offer a flexible system that can be adapted to your project area with minimal land disturbance.
  • Our system helps reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere.
  • We truly are committed to successful projects. We will not recommend a solution if we do not feel it will be successful over the evolution of your project.

We love working with design professionals and innovators in the conceptual stage of a project to help you pick the best solution for the project - contact us to collaborate on your next Living Shorelines project. If you’re interested in learning more, join me in Long Beach, California December 8-13 where I’ll be speaking at the 9th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration and Management.

Jeff Opel has 30 years of experience in the natural resources industry. Many of those years were served as District Manager of several Soil Conservation Districts in Maryland.As District Manager Jeff was responsible for advancing new and innovative sediment and erosion control technology used during the construction process. Jeff also administered the State of Maryland’s Living Shoreline program in several Counties in the state and participated in the development of several stream restoration projects. New advanced technologies used included the use of Flocculating agents to increase the efficiency of existing sediment control techniques. Jeff also created designs for multi chamber sediment basins incorporating bio filters to increase trapping efficiency. It was at this position that Jeff became familiar with Filtrexx which was used with great success. Since leaving the government service after 20 years Jeff ran a field office for a civil engineering firm in Delaware, as well as several landscape companies, before coming to Filtrexx. With Filtrexx Jeff has worked in business development for the mid-Atlantic, and in Technical Sales support for the Southeast region. Presently Jeff represents Filtrexx as the Southeast Regional Sales Manager and is actively developing Filtrexx initiatives related to stream restoration and living shorelines.

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