Compost Use in Construction

Filtrexx is kicking off this week by attending the International Erosion Control Association Conference in Denver, Colorado. With erosion and sediment control being the theme for the week, below are four reasons why compost filter socks are the best BMP for your construction project.

The top four reasons why any sediment control Best Management Practice (BMP) fails on a construction site are issues with installation, maintenance, performance, and design. Compost filter socks are specifically designed to remove each of these issues, minimizing risk on any construction site or land disturbing activity.

  • Compost filter socks are one of the only BMPs on the market that do not require trenching, which is both labor intensive and a land-disturbing activity. Simply prepare the ground, lay down the compost filter sock, and stake. It is the industry leader in installation simplicity.
  • Compost filter socks combine one of the highest stormwater flow-through rates and heaviest weight of any BMP in the industry, creating a product that rarely moves, floats, overtops, or undercuts – creating minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Compost filter socks are one of the only sediment control BMPs whose performance has been researched by multiple major U.S. universities and a U.S. federal agency, with results published in leading U.S. environmental scientific peer-reviewed publications.
  • Compost filter socks are one of the only sediment control BMPs that have detailed site specific design and engineering criteria available for virtually any site and regional design storm/rainfall condition. Without this information a BMP is impossible to design correctly, leading to a much higher risk of major failure from under design or paying too much due to over design.

In addition, compost filter socks are one of the only BMPs that are accepted by state regulatory agencies across the U.S., and can significantly reduce environmental impacts both on and off the project site.

This blog was featured by both the U.S. Composting Council and the International Erosion Control Association.

Dr. Britt Faucette, Ph.D., is an Ecosystem Scientist, CPESC, and LEED AP. He earned his Ph.D. from the Odom School of Ecology at the University of Georgia where he researched soil-water-plant performances of various BMPs used in soil erosion and stormwater management applications; served as a state specialist in storm water management, organics recycling, and pollution prevention programs; and served as an adjunct professor. Britt coordinates research, design, and training services for the stormwater and organic materials management industries and serves on technical committees and boards with ASTM, GRHC, CCREF, and IECA. In 2008 he was awarded the annual USCC Clean Water Award. Britt has authored numerous peer-reviewed and popular press publications and popular press articles, two books, federal and state specifications, and has been awarded nearly $500,000 in research grants.

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