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Get to know: Chris Olson, Senior Manager of Operations

What is your role at Filtrexx?

At its core, my role is to guarantee that sales efforts are supported by way of manufacturing and installations and to ensure that the manufacturing sites and installation crews have the resources and training to succeed. I also work with the product development team to forecast production capability requirements prior to the actual release of new product.

What do you like most about working for Filtrexx?

At Filtrexx, bold decision making and flawless execution are cornerstones of what we do daily. We have the latitude to take initiative, take risks, and solve problems with just the right balance of careful analysis and audacity.

What do you find the most challenging about working for Filtrexx?

We are a rapidly growing company and keeping production capability up to speed with the sale of product. The true challenge is finding the balance between muscling through a task to make sure it is complete and finding a better way to do it.

What has been one of your favorite projects to work on while at Filtrexx?

Easy; the ongoing California fire remediation project is very fulfilling. In finding the best way to bring massive quantities of SiltSoxx to Northern California, we determined that opening a satellite location in short order to satisfy the need of sourcing local compost back into the community is best. We are partnering with charities and non-profit organizations to employ 10 local residents whose homes and jobs were lost in the Camp Fire tragedy. Watching the new team band together and exceed any rational expectation is nothing short of awe inspiring.

What have you learned that you didn’t know before becoming a Filtrexx employee?

As a relatively new employee, I learn every day. From starting at a base knowledge of 0 in compost to general business practices, every day comes with new lessons.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

In this order: Spending time with my wife and two kids, fishing, and teaching my kids to fish. We have a family cabin on Lake Vermilion, MN where we spend nearly every summer weekend. In the winter, we ice fish, snowboard, and generally just survive the cold.

Any random facts we should know about you?

Prior to joining Filtrexx, I spent 10 years as an Infantry Officer in the Army where I had a chance to lead upwards of 135 of the Nation’s finest in far-away lands. I also spent the last 2 years of my career living in Cairo, Egypt working at our Embassy as part of the U.S. diplomatic mission coordinating the manufacture of 100’s of tanks and other arms to the government of Egypt. The best part of that assignment was being able to play #8 on a touring Rugby team composed of people from over 6 countries.

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