Compost Sock Now Approved for Temporary Erosion Control in Caltrans Manual

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently announced that compost sock products are now approved for use as a temporary erosion control measure allowed in the Caltrans Construction Site Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual, Sheet SC-11, per Section 13-1.01A of the current Standard Specifications. Compost sock had previously only been approved for permanent erosion control measures. With this new approval, compost sock can now be used in all sediment control applications such as perimeter control, slope interruption, grade breaks, inlet protection and more.

If you are working on Caltrans projects that require BMP selections, this new approval for compost sock will allow both permanent and temporary applications.

Additionally, Caltrans will soon only permit the use of natural, biodegradable non-plastic material for all compost sock, fiber roll, and straw wattle applications. Filtrexx SiltSoxx compost sock is available in two natural biodegradable non-plastic materials – Natural Original and new Natural Plus. These biodegradable products give two longevity options for your projects’ needs.

SiltSoxx Natural OriginalSiltSoxx Natural Plus
Mesh MaterialBiodegradable cotton fiberBiodegradable wood fiber
Fill MaterialCompost FilterMediaCompost FilterMedia
Field Longevity*Up to 12 monthsUp to 18 months
All NaturalYesYes
Made in USAYesYes

*Functional longevity ranges are estimates only. Site specific environmental conditions may result in significantly shorter or longer time periods.

Caltrans also recently made updates to their Standard Specifications to allow compost sock to be installed without expensive labor-intensive trenching or lash-over methods, primarily due to the weight and high hydraulic flow through rate characteristic to compost socks. Finally, Caltrans has recently made adjustments to moisture content requirements for the compost used in compost socks accounting for the arid conditions frequently found throughout the state.

Filtrexx is committed to providing innovative sediment & erosion control products, including meeting changing municipal requirements that require or prefer biodegradable materials. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.

For a copy of the Caltrans approval letter, please contact Filtrexx or Caltrans.

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