Teaming Up Against Sediment & Stormwater

As Filtrexx Business and Field Development Manager for the Western Region, I often meet with clients with little familiarity of the problem they are struggling to solve. Such was the case when I met with a southern California grading contractor who had recently been awarded the contract for an 804 acre master development project. As great as that opportunity was, during our conversation he divulged that unfortunately he had under-bid the Erosion and Sediment control portion of the grading project and wanted to know what Filtrexx could do to help him right the ship on his projected costs.

It was apparent we would need to be creative and have a sharp pencil. I immediately suggested we contact the Regional Sales Manager out West, Colin Ewart, to join in the discussion as we evaluated not only initial product costs, but total lifetime costs of SiltSoxx compost filter socks compared to other BMPs such as straw wattles and gravel bags. We would also need to consider the option of on-site blower truck filling of our compost sock mesh in addition to utilizing our 5-inch palletized SiltSoxx for the extensive slope interruption applications. After agreeing together on the course of action we would deploy, Colin engaged Nathan Nevois, Filtrexx Sales Rep in southern California, to work out the numbers and provide the contractor with a price quote and sales support.

Within weeks of this meeting the BMP plan was in place:

  • 60,000 linear ft of 5-inch palletized SiltSoxx
  • 402,000 linear ft of 8-inch Multi-Filament Polypropylene (MFPP) Mesh
  • 96,000 linear ft of 12-inch MFPP Mesh

In addition, we brought in a local blower truck partner to provide pricing on the cost of filling the mesh as well as met with them at a composting facility to help in specifying the correct compost filter media to be used.

By working together with the contractor as a team, Filtrexx responded to the challenge and came up with solutions that not only made financial sense, but equally important, under the heavy rain events of early 2019, met the stringent storm water compliance requirements of California. As a team, we met the challenge by working together and achieved more through the synergy created by our collective efforts, skill sets and responsibilities. We will apply the same team mindset to this multi-stage project that also includes plans for 57 acres of flood control and landscaped slopes, and 203 acres for biological habitat development. There’s an unspoken rule in business that the greater the challenge, the greater the need to work closely together to deliver customer-centric solutions. That’s the Filtrexx Way!

Dr. Craig Kolodge is the former academic advisor, field plant pathologist and director for the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) and the Agriculture & Natural Resources Research and Extension Center in Santa Clara county. As superintendent of the UC Bay Area Research and Extension Center (BAREC), Dr. Kolodge was instrumental in developing the City of San Jose’s green waste utilization program focused on re-purposing recycled organics to deliver ecosystem benefits. Dr. Kolodge currently serves on the Board of Directors for California’s Association of Compost Producers (ACP) and is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) and a Trainer of Record (ToR) for California’s Storm Water Industrial General Permit. He resides in San Diego county where he travels throughout the Western U.S. demonstrating and teaching the practical application of compost- based Sustainable Management Practices (SMP’s) for storm water management and land conservation/restoration.

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