GroSoxx Stabilizes Flooding Issues in Nashville Suburb

Problem: In May of 2010, a suburb of Nashville experienced torrential downpours. Two straight days of rainfall in what equated to 420 billion gallons of water fell on the city of Brentwood, Tennessee. The city received an unprecedented 14-17 inches of rain causing extensive damage to homes, mud slides, damage to roads and bridges and even generated several fires. Several homes along a tributary had lost several feet of land in their backyards. Erosion of these parcels continued unabated causing major financial loss for the homeowners.

Solution: Brentwood’s Public Works Department along with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) reached out to Mid-TN Erosion Control, a company they had worked with in the past, for a solution. Mid-TN referred them to Filtrexx GroSoxx to help stabilize the bank. The tributary was a Designated Blue Line Stream, meaning there were strict rules about what could be used to stabilize the bank. They were looking for a green option.

Success: TDEC approved the proposal to use GroSoxx to mitigate the loss of land. The GroSoxx were pre-seeded with native species to ensure there would be successful grow out. Mid-TN Erosion stabilized a 530-foot section of bank, at an average height of four feet. GroSoxx were installed in successive courses along with geogrid to provide structural protection, control erosion and establish and reinforce vegetation all in one system. The application has been specifically developed to withstand high flow velocities and stresses that conventional products could not. Eight weeks later, the GroSoxx had proven effective and the homeowners were ecstatic with the results.

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