Fall Brings Wet Weather and Leaves

Fall weather not only brings out sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, but also rain, wind and leaves, increasing the potential for flooding along roadways.

Residents and municipal agencies can play a vital role in making sure storm drain systems perform optimally using sustainable management practices.Rainwater often carries trash, sediment, pesticides and oils that end up in our waterways. Not only do we get our drinking water from water bodies, but we also use our local waterways as a recreational tool and it is a valuable natural habitat.

One of the best ways to prevent pollutants from entering our local waterways is to remove them from streets before the elements carry them into the storm drainage system. Street sweeping is particularly important during heavy leaf drop which can result in debris blocking stormwater facilities and causing local flooding if not addressed.Residents can pick up yard waste and debris from property.Local agencies can ensure nearby storm drains are free of leaves by scheduling street sweeping appropriately and plan for full trash capture systems. It is just as important to maintain and inspect full trash capture systems to make sure they are in working order.As we are ending summer this is a good time to remind agencies to inspect, perform light maintenance if needed and re-order replacement cartridges for their StormExx systems.

StormExx Clean trash capture devices treat stormwater runoff at the street/inlet level, capturing debris such as leaves, trash and sediment before entering the storm system. StormExx Clean trash capture devices are engineered and patented for the treatment of stormwater runoff. Our catch basin inserts meet and/or exceed stormwater best management practices (BMPs) and best available technology. These units are certified and included in the Capture System List of Trash Treatment Control Devices by the California State Water Resources Control Board. A combination of proper street cleaning, resident awareness and maintenance of StormExx systems will ensure cleaner storm drainage systems and a reduction of pollutants in nearby water bodies.

Live in California and want to know more about stormwater management? Take a look at our Storm Water Awareness Week workshops that we’ll be hosting throughout California during the week.

Evangelina Paoluccio P.E., QSD/P is the Engineering Manager at Inventive Resources, Inc. She has over fourteen years of design experience in drinking water, wastewater and storm water systems and is a registered Civil Engineer in California.

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