Project Profile: GreenLoxx Saves Yards While Also Saving... Turtles?

Problem: Monster Tree Services specializes in commercial and residential landscaping and tree removal. They reached out to Filtrexx in August, 2019 with a desire to get involved with living shorelines. Monster Tree Services was contacted by a customer in Boynton Beach, Florida about severe erosion happening in their backyard. The customer lived on a canal and due to wave action from jet skis and other small watercrafts, their backyard was losing acreage from erosion. The customer was highly interested in a green, natural option to rebuild their slope due to the amount of turtles that lived and nested in their yard. A concrete wall option was out of the question due to the turtle activity from the canal to the customer’s backyard.

Solution: Filtrexx came down to inspect the site with Monster Tree Services and determine the best approach. Filtrexx helped install a GreenLoxx non-MSE Living Wall system that was flat enough that the turtles could still climb up the slope and into the backyard. Because the base of the canal was soft and muddy, native limestone was placed at the base of the wall. This limestone base was created so the wall had something sturdy to sit on top of. Then, 16-24” of wall was built out to stabilize the slope, stopping the erosion and preventing further erosion from happening. Trees and other vegetation were in danger of falling into the canal due to the severe erosion and all were saved and incorporated into the new wall system and landscape.

A unique and additional problem occurred during the building of this wall. Iguanas, an invasive species to Florida, often dig up earth and Filtrexx, Monster Tree Services and the customer were concerned with the new wall being dug up. After doing some additional research, a technique was found that was used in other areas of the United States to stop muskrats from digging up new walls. Galvanized chicken wire was placed under the wall system to deter iguanas from digging the wall up.

Success: The final, finished wall was 130’ long by 2’ high. The GreenLoxx wall consisted of sock, geogrid and Gripple anchors with the anchors hidden under the turf. Monster Tree Services worked with a local environmental department for the county to determine what native species would be most successful in the growth of the wall. With minimal land disturbance and a new, green slope, the native animals were able to regain access into the uplands and the customer was able to save their backyard.

As the Marketing Communication Manager for Filtrexx, Teele works heavily in the digital and social arenas of marketing, running the Filtrexx Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. She also serves as writer and editor of press releases, project profiles and most recently, the Filtrexx blog. Teele attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and a Master of Science in corporate communication. Teele has worked in marketing roles for various companies around the Twin Cities before landing at Filtrexx in July, 2017.

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