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1 Jul 2017, 08:00

July 1st, 2017– EcoPractices, a sustainability verification company has teamed with Filtrexx International, a leading developer of Sustainable Best Management Practice (SBMP) solutions, and the inventor of compost-based Soxx™ technology to advance corporate sustainability programs through measurable metrics and third-party verification.

“EcoPractices is proud to partner with Filtrexx, a leader in the erosion control and stormwater
management industries” said John Harsch, EcoPractices President and COO. “EcoPractices and Filtrexx both strive to inspire and engage companies to be leaders of sustainability. Filtrexx Soxx are a perfect example of a product that produces reliable, high performance results using a low-impact process that mimics nature.”

EcoPractices is a Sustainability Platform that identifies, collects, verifies, documents, and generates positive environmental impacts produced from SBMPs. Many companies have sustainability goals they strive to reach every day. EcoPractices is a unique platform for these companies to provide the third party proof their practices were implemented and the scientific environmental benefit values that can then be showcased with an EcoPractices Marketing Tool Kit.

“Filtrexx Soxx are one of the few stormwater management and erosion control products with
independent performance results,” said Rob Carrothers, Filtrexx’s President. “Combining efforts to verify and communicate environmental stewardship through measurable metrics and the use of an SBMP like Filtrexx Soxx technologies makes teaming with EcoPractices a logical choice.”

Filtrexx teaming up with EcoPractices provides a collaborative effort to achieving sustainability with an exclusive product partner relationship. View the EcoPractices Industry Overview Video to learn more about how EcoPractices Sustainability Platform Process works with Filtrexx SBMP solutions.

About Filtrexx
Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock. Filtrexx® Soxx™ technology has expanded into stormwater management, sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal, living walls, agriculture and gardening applications. Headquartered in Akron, OH, Filtrexx has an extensive network of partners and distributors to serve customers across the globe.
About EcoPractices

EcoPractices, is a brand of Sustainability Partners (SP), was established after seeing the need to help companies create and reach sustainability goals with a variety of services and product solutions. Sustainable Environmental Consultants is a majority owner of SP and is a subsidiary of Wright Service Corp, an employee owned company that has been in the environmental business since 1933. Strategic Risk Solutions is also an owner of SP.

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